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The Routhier process uses state-of-the-art technology and practices to provide 100 percent recycling of discarded rubber tires. Each tire goes through a culling process, where steel rims and inner tubes are removed. Some tires may be salvaged for reuse as used tires. The steel rims are recycled in foundries, where they are melted down and then processed into recycled products in the iron and steel industries. The inner tubes are sold to be reprocessed

by the rubber industry. The rubber tires are sent through a multi-step process which includes the use of major shredding and screening equipment. Much of the processing equipment was designed and/or modified to optimize the Routhier recycling process. The rubber tires are processed into shredded rubber products. The Routhier operations currently process over 6,000,000 tires per year into tire-derived materials.
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